Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

1.      What is ENABLE program?

Enable is an HPE Online Partner Training & Engagement program

2.     What are the eligibility criteria to join ENABLE?

An Individual is required to register into the ENABLE Program and to be employed by an approved Reseller of Ingram Micro to earn a reward.

3.      What is the promotional period for Enable?

Promotional Period for earning points in the ENABLE program is 1st February– 31st October 2021.


Points & Rewards

4.      How do I earn Points?

Points can be earned for attending live webinars and successfully completing assessments. These points are used to bid on auction prizes.

5.      How many points does each activity earn?

I. Attend live webinar 400 points

II. Complete Quiz: 250 points

6.      What rewards are on offer?

Enable  is offering all members the opportunity to take part in the live quarterly auctions. Use your points to bid on auction items that you want to win. Please note that whilst a member can bid on multiple prizes, they are only eligible to win one item per auction. Rewards will be a mix of Prezzy cards, cirtual gift cards, merchandise items and experiences.

7.      Are the rewards transferrable or redeemable for cash?

No, ENABLE points are not transferrable for cash.

8.      What are the eligibility criteria to claim the rewards?

To be eligible for a reward, an individual must be a registered member of ENABLE program.



9.      How does the auction work?

Members who hold the highest winning bid on an auction item will have that specified points amount deducted from their remaining accumulated points total at the end of the auction. Points are only deducted for members with winning bids on an auction item, with members who are outbid retaining their points.

Auction rewards are subject to availability and substitution. A member may bid on multiple items per auction but is only eligible to win one item per auction. A member may hold the highest bid on one item at a time. 


Further Help

10.    Who do I talk to if I have any questions?

You can send an email to the ENABLE team:
Please contact: support@hpeenable.co.nz