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Containers are gaining momentum, providing speed, agility, and cost savings to cloud-native applications. Yet, with the vast majority of applications still on premises, how do you gain the benefits of containers for non-cloud-native applications in your own environment?

Forward-looking Companies
See the Benefits of Containers

Growing adoption of cloud-native applications and infrastructure will increase use of container management to over 75% of large enterprises in mature economies by 2024*

* Source: Gartner Forecast Analysis: Container Management (Software and Services), Worldwide, May 2020

HPE GreenLake delivers the industry’s first enterprise-grade, scalable container platform with 100% open-source Kubernetes for cloud-native and non-cloud native applications to your edges, colocations, and data centers.

Unified platform for cloud-native and non-cloud native apps

Persistent storage for stateful apps

Enterprise-grade security and control

Pay-per-use1, scalable solution

Managed for you

Key Benefits

Modernize applications without costly refactoring

Run traditional monolithic apps on containers, with persistent storage leveraging HPE’s unique data fabric.

Accelerate digital transformation

Help transform experiences cost effectively, leveraging the speed and flexibility of container-based deployment, combined with elastic infrastructure capacity and management services.

Implement emerging technology

Take advantage of the best open source has to offer by adopting a container platform with 100% upstream Kubernetes. Rapidly onboard innovations in AI, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G.

Reduce risk

Establish end to end security across data and compute resources with integrations into enterprise security and authentication services.

Reduce cost of ownership

Reduce infrastructure expenses by eliminating upfront costs and paying only for what you use.

Be more agile

Speed agile DevOps and accelerate the entire application lifecycle for improved time to market.

Reduce IT complexity

Simplify IT with preintegrated, converged infrastructure, managed for you, and a unified control plane for cloud-native and non-cloud-native apps.

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