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HPE Proactive Care for HPE 3PAR and HPE Primera arrays


HPE Proactive Care for HPE 3PAR and HPE Primera arrays is designed to help meet your support needs effectively and efficiently. Receive the benefits of HPE Proactive Care and have access to new self-serve tools giving you control managing your HPE Storage solution keeping it reliable, stable, and at peak performance. 

A modern support experience designed specifically for HPE 3PAR and HPE Primera arrays—giving you easy access to information, advice, and guidance.

Maintain stability, reduce problems, and make the most of your HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera array storage solution. Keep your focus on driving business results.


  • Achieve increased levels of self-sufficiency by getting access to the knowledge you need quickly and receive enhanced support, when you need it
  • Access to problem resolution processes with an enhanced call experience, rapid connection to technical experts, and start-to-finish case management
  • Gain operational confidence with storage-focused critical situation management
  • Take advantage of the self-solve knowledge library to help gain control by learning about and implementing best practices, so you address issues fast
    • Engage with other HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera array users in moderated online forums. This includes a priority 2-day support response for unanswered questions
    • Access best practice videos developed by technical experts helping you manage the operation, configuration, and capacity of your HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera array
  • Receive enhanced access to experts, for answers to questions about videos, and HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera usage, and operational tasks, including:
    • General advice and guidance on the usage and operation of the HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera array
    • Capacity management advice including help with managing capacity trends, guidance with capacity rebalancing
    • Guidance with the general configuration of the HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera array
  • Contact HPE directly for operational questions during local business hours regarding your HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera array
  • Reduce problems from occurring with proactive services that help anticipate and prevent IT issues
  • Choose the level of on-site response that meets your specific business needs
  • Collaborative call management with independent software vendors (ISVs) is included

Take control with innovative self-service tools to help improve efficiencies, gain knowledge, and give you more time to deliver greater innovation and value to the business.


Consider these questions

  • What do you expect in the call logging process? Would you like an enhanced call and case experience from start to finish?
  • Would having access to best practice advice and content help you make the best decisions?
  • What is your process to manage firmware and patches? Has this been a challenge?
  • Would predictive analytics, pre-failure alerts, and automatic case logging help you save time?

Managing more can mean that you have less time to spend on the important, but non-urgent parts of your business. With HPE Proactive Care for HPE 3PAR and HPE Primera arrays, you can access best practice knowledge when you need it.

  • Use the HPE 3PAR and HPE Primera forums with committed response times for low-priority questions or for questions where you also want community feedback
  • Access videos with best practices from support experts to address common challenges or find out about beneficial hints and tips
  • Ask support directly about HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera operational questions


Once you purchase HPE Proactive Care service, you receive an activation letter with your coverage details and steps to take to activate your support. You follow these easy steps to initiate your support coverage, enable HPE advanced diagnostic, and support automation capabilities. Activation is required for support delivery. For more information, visit

FIGURE 1. Control and manage your HPE 3PAR or HPE Primera array


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HPE Education Services provides comprehensive training designed to expand the skills of your IT staff and keep them up to speed with the latest technologies. Take the next step toward increased IT reliability and stability with HPE Proactive Care for HPE 3PAR and HPE Primera arrays.

You get the information you need quickly, reduce problems, and receive a superior call experience when you contact us. 

Also, you can learn how to leverage our expertise and realize the benefits of HPE Proactive Care services. 

For more information, contact your HPE sales representative or your HPE authorized channel partner.